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Legal Costs

Legal costs may be sought in many types of court proceedings, including compensation matters and criminal matters. A person who is successful in their claim can often recover the costs they have incurred, such as the fees payable to their lawyer.


Types of cost orders


Courts can make costs order can be made on any of the following bases:

Party/party costs are ordered when an unsuccessful party is made to pay the costs of the winning party. They encompass a significant portion of the successful party’s costs, though not all of the costs incurred. Solicitor/client costs are the costs that a party is charged by their solicitor. Indemnity costs are all of the costs incurred by a party, including fees, disbursements, expenses and remuneration. They are generally ordered when a party has been responsible for an abuse of process or has unnecessarily prolonged proceedings.


Seeking legal costs


The type of costs order made will depend on the nature of the proceedings and what took place before the matter was finalised. A party seeking costs in relation to a compensation matter may seek an order covering fees for a medical report on personal injuries, court fees and other reports on general damages. Taylor Rose’s costs lawyers will help you to ascertain what your costs are and how much should be claimed. Our strengths:

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